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The Central Florida Wolverines are one of the largest travel baseball academies in the country.  Our relentless dedication to our members and their families, the training and development of our athletes delivered by some of the greatest youth coaches in the nation, allows us unique opportunities to participate in some of the toughest tournaments across the country while playing unbelievable baseball at the highest levels.

Currently rostering over 200 young athletes from all over Central Florida, our coaches pride themselves in teaching kids proper techniques as they relate to all facets of baseball. From pitching to hitting, and every position played on the field. The Central Florida Wolverines primarily practice and play their “home game” double headers centrally in Orlando.

Every player has a spot in our organization, we’re proud of that, and forever grateful.

Welcome to The Central Florida Wolverines,
Coach Hoyle

Central Florida Wolverines Plays for 6TH National Title


Our 10U Central Florida Wolverines finished the 2014 Season the #2 team in the country after falling 6-5 in the championship game in the USSSA Elite World Series and earn the right to play on National Television in the NYC Championship Game in Memphis, Tennessee. The tournament started on Saturday and it was the toughest road of 10 games I have ever coached. In pool play we played the #1 team in Georgia and pulled off an 8-6 victory. Our 2nd game we played the #2 team in Florida heading into this tournament and battle back to tie the game at 4 and missed the win on a questionable call on a well-executed squeeze bunt. The game ended in a 4-4 tie.

Come elimination and facing the toughest competition of the four brackets we knew we were in for a fight. After winning the first two elimination games vs. the #1 team in North Carolina and #3 team in California we were matched up against the #1 team in Florida MVP Legends, a great squad who were favored to win the tournament. We jumped ahead early before falling in the end and finding ourselves in the loser’s bracket where we had to play the #3 team in California once again. In our first match up we won 7-6 in extra innings and they wanted to beat us very badly. It was a close game and we pulled it off 3-1, setting up a rematch with MVP Legends whom we had to beat twice to advance to the final four. A task everyone in the country thought impossible, but on that day our boys swept them, and beat them with their best.

We came out and played our best ball of the season, our boys would not be intimidated and mentally and physically took their game to a level higher than any team I saw in the tournament. After giving them the first game, we knew we were better and we were out to prove it, and our boys did. Next we advanced to the Final Four where we played the #4 team in Texas and again we were in another battle the entire game. With the momentum on our sides we jumped ahead 6-4 in the 5th and shut them down with three up and three down in the 6th earning the right to play the #1 team in California in the championship game in the Atlanta Braves stadium at Disney Wide World of Sports.

The boys were pumped and so were our parents. The crowd was bigger than any game I have coached, the cameras were rolling, and our hometown team was representing Florida and all of Eastern United States in the Travel Baseball World Series. We were all ready for a great game and the boys did not disappoint. Team Rawlings jumped ahead early by one run in the first. We came out in the second fired up and scored three runs taking a 3-1 lead. In the bottom of the third they had a few key hits scoring 4 to take a 5-3 lead. They scored one in the 4th and we scored one in the 5th. Down 6-4 in the sixth we lead the inning off with a base hit. On runner ends up advancing to third and our batter hits a bomb, great hit ball, into left field, easily a triple on a field where the fences were set at 250, and the left fielder makes a play on the ball running back that saved them that victory. If that ball drops we would have won that game, but playing the best in the country that happens. We score the runner at third bringing the final score to 6-5.

It was an exciting weekend and I am so proud of our boys and what they have worked so hard all year to accomplish. I have been blessed to watch the kids grow and develop and become a team that plays great together. My coaching staff did a great job and our parents couldn’t have been more supportive all year long.

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